As County Mayor, Steve Bovo will implement a safe, balanced, and common-sense detailed plan to lead Miami-Dade County through the COVID-19 pandemic with good government solutions.

1) Better Cooperation and Communication with Local Government

  • On day one as Mayor of Miami-Dade, Steve Bovo will personally meet with and receive input from every local Mayor in order to implement sound policy that factors in concerns from all areas of the county.
  • This will ensure that no local government is caught off guard or surprised by county policy on COVID-19 and will give the public clarity, transparency, and confidence in its local government.
  • The new County Commission will no doubt have its own proposals and ideas. Steve Bovo will listen, respect, and factor in helpful ideas from County Commissioners.

2) Government Investment and Innovation to Protect the Public

  • As Commissioner, Steve Bovo has worked to open testing sites to address the need for increase testing. As Mayor, he will continue to look at effective and innovative ways to improve and facilitate testing as a means to stop the spread, and rely on the best data for county government to make informed decisions.
  • In the same manner the county protects the public from mosquito infestation, include in the County Mayor budget proposal funding for innovative solutions to combat COVID-19. This may include catch and kill air filtration system and other technologies to help reduce COVID-19 infection risk in large indoor spaces and buildings.
  • Establish a COVD-19 safety rating system to keep both business and patrons informed. This will not be a punitive system. Rather, it will be a checklist and tool for businesses to know their status and strive to improve. This will also promote transparency and build public confidence of a safe environment.

3) Economic Recovery – The Cure Can’t Be Worse than the Virus

  • Support our local small businesses, such as our restaurants, by keeping them open. No more shut downs or excessive limits on inside dining. The indoor capacity should not be lower than 80%.
  • Develop county incentives and rewards to keep businesses open or to help reopen businesses that closed due to government imposed policy. These incentives may include tax credits, tax exemptions, or impact fee waivers in the short term to boost our local economic recovery.
  • Strengthen the “Miami-Dade COVID-19 Economic Recovery Task Force” with members consisting of various areas of our key business sectors to produce, in a timely manner, policy proposals for the County Commission and for the County Mayor to consider implementing.

4) Improve Mental Health Services

  • Create the “Miami-Dade Mental Health Services Task Force” with members consisting of experts and key community leaders to produce policy proposals for the County Commission and for the County Mayor to consider implementing.
  • The objective of the Task Force would be to improve and innovate the mental health services the county currently provides as well as address the consequences on mental health of the COVID-19 pandemic in Miami-Dade County.