Implement Effective Transportation Initiatives

  • Ensure public dollars generated for transportation infrastructure improvements are utilized towards their intended purpose.
  • Fight against unnecessary toll increases while working to reduce or eliminate tolls.
  • Promote development along the SMART Plan transit corridors and away from the Urban Development Boundary (UDB).
  • Work to properly link the County’s major transportation centers while seeking investment through Public Private Partnerships.

As an elected official, I have dedicated considerable amounts of time and energy towards planning and implementing projects aimed at alleviating many of the transportation woes in Miami-Dade County. During my time on the County Commission, I have fought to allocate approximately $8 billion over the next 40 years for transportation infrastructure, creating a long-term foundation for future mobility within our county. I believe we have made strides in creating a dynamic transportation system that is well suited to move us forward. However, we are not where we should be.

Many of the large transportation projects have a hefty price tag and decade long timelines. I will always fight for transparency and fiscal responsibility when addressing transportation projects in Miami-Dade County. Public dollars generated for infrastructure improvements must go towards their intended use. As County Commissioner, I redirected nearly $1 billion of misused funds towards transit solutions. Additionally, I created a Transportation Infrastructure Improvement District that will generate $1.8 billion over the next 30 years for transportation projects.

As your County Mayor, I will fight against unnecessary toll increases while working to reduce or eliminate tolls wherever possible. The tolls collected should be reinvested back into the system from which they were charged. The money should not go towards bloated administrative costs or siphoned away to endeavors that have no impact in creating a superior transportation system. I cannot continue to watch our residents pay hundreds of dollars each year to simply move across our County in the course of their daily lives. Tolled lanes should be an option, not a necessity.

The population of Miami-Dade County will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Managing where the growth develops will play a vital role in managing the mobility of our residents. Directing our growth towards established transportation corridors will result in cost savings for the taxpayer as well as help alleviate future transportation and transit issues. As Miami-Dade County Mayor, I will continue to promote development along the SMART Plan transit corridors and away from the Urban Development Boundary (UDB). I have already launched 11 SMART Plan demonstration projects that will help enhance current and future transit service throughout Miami-Dade County. I worked to prioritize the North and South corridors of the SMART Plan for development and construction of new transit options for our residents. As a County Commissioner, I sponsored legislation to remove 20th century bureaucratic roadblocks by revising county regulations to promote new and innovative transit solutions, such as Uber, Lyft, and Freebee. These transit options help address the first/last mile issue for our transit system users. I will also bring the conversation of connecting unincorporated areas of Miami-Dade County through services such as Freebee.

Our Metrobus system is one of the largest bus networks in the United States, with 2/3’s of our transit riders using a bus, yet over time the system has become inefficient. Bus routes traveling cross county are weaving and meandering through neighborhoods rather than staying on the major thoroughfares. Our bus system is unreliable and fails to attract new riders. There is little coordination between municipal trolleys and the County’s bus routes. Couple these facts with the reality that our system has lost riders over time and our County has created a bloated inefficient network, I launched a Bus Network Redesign with the Transit Alliance that plans to streamline our bus routes to create the best and most cost-effective system for our community.

I will work tirelessly to properly link the County’s major transportation centers while also seeking investment through Public Private Partnerships to develop our transportation corridors. I will continue working towards bringing Tri-Rail into Downtown Miami and holding Brightline accountable on the Aventura and PortMiami stations. Both Tri-Rail and Brightline need to work in tandem to provide our residents effective and efficient commuting options. I will continue to work with private partners to develop our East/West Corridor, eventually linking to the Beach Corridor. Redesigning the County’s transit system to link areas throughout Miami-Dade that are not directly connected by the SMART Plan is the ultimate goal.