Improve Residents Quality of Life

  • Identify solutions for our existing services and infrastructure before problems arise.
  • Ensure Miami-Dade County excels at its fundamental responsibilities of proper water management and protecting our water resources.
  • Invest in new infrastructure to make our community resilient to sea-level rise.
  • Protect the health and well-being of our aging populations.

All elected officials are responsible with improving the quality of life for our residents. How to achieve that objective is debated every day, in every office at County Hall. I believe you must first take care of the fundamental responsibilities of county government before grappling the bigger issues. We continuously place increased stresses on our existing services and infrastructure as Miami-Dade County continues to grow. Under my leadership, we will strive to identify solutions before problems arise.

Proper water management and protection of our water resources are vital to the health and long-term success of our community. As Mayor, I will work alongside all stakeholders in making fiscally responsible decisions to make our County more resilient. Under my leadership as Chair of the Board, Miami-Dade County entered into a joint participation agreement with FPL for the development of a resilient County. As Mayor, Miami-Dade County will continue its partnership with FPL in restoring the Turkey Point Cooling Canal System to a healthy environmental state and developing additional resilient practices. In a coordinated effort, we will work with state and local municipalities on the Miami-Dade County Canal Clean Up. As Mayor, I will continue to support seaweed remediation at our County parks and tourism centers, and to develop mangroves and ecologically sensitive seawalls to protect our shorelines. I will also fight for funding on all State or Federal mandates that will fulfill our goal of providing safe and clean water resources for all Miami-Dade residents.

As residents leave septic tanks behind and link to the County’s sewer system, I have sought ways to reduce the price tag of this potentially costly endeavor. We are currently working on bringing the main County sewer lines closer to residents; while also educating property owners on how to take advantage of State subsidies and incentives from the PACE Program to dramatically lower costs. As County Mayor, I will continue working on bringing tangible solutions for our residents that will help our County achieve its resilient infrastructure goals.

I also pledge to protect the health and well-being of our aging populations through properly managed programs for medical care and assistance to those on fixed incomes. I will work alongside our State officials to keep funding for programs our seniors desperately rely on, such as Meals on Wheels as well as other meal programs. Protecting our senior’s hard-earned savings by keeping property taxes low and expanding housing options are critical.