Promote Safe Communities

  • Focus our efforts on building bridges between residents and those who are sworn to protect and serve.
  • Support municipalities to develop or expand their police body cameras practices.
  • Research, assess, and implement new crime-fighting technologies to assist law enforcement.
  • Invite Federal, State, County, and School Board officials to the table to provide the best and safest education for our students.

The most effective way to increase public safety and reduce crime is bringing together the professionalism and resources of law enforcement, with the institutional knowledge of the communities they are policing. In this current climate, it is imperative that we focus our efforts on building bridges between residents and those who are sworn to protect and serve. I will continue working with community organizations that help and assist neighborhoods impacted by gun violence.

As County Mayor, I will continue to support and expand collaborative initiatives between the Miami-Dade Police Department and local municipal police departments. With the success of “Operation Blue and Brown,” which increased patrolling and community policing strategies in Liberty City, I see an opportunity to expand this program to other areas of the County that are interested in partnering with the County Police Department. This program was not just successful in coordinating law enforcement agencies, but also allowed the community to participate and have a voice in how they are policed.

In all of my decisions, I focus on increasing government transparency and improving the public’s trust of the government. As a Miami-Dade County Commissioner, I supported bringing police body cameras to the Miami-Dade Police Department, and this technology is now prevalent across the entire County’s Police Department. Equipping officers with body cameras not only enhances the overall trust and safety of the public, but also equally protects law enforcement from unrest and falsehoods. As Mayor of Miami-Dade County, I will seek to expand the use of police body cameras throughout the County by supporting municipalities to adopt or expand their practice. In addition to expanding police body cameras technologies, my County administration will seek-out, assess, and implement new crime-fighting technologies while adhering to my guiding principle of remaining fiscally responsible with public funds. I would explore technologies like ShotSpotter, which assists law enforcement in detecting gunshots in real-time. In a County as large and populous as ours, new and emerging law enforcement tools will allow our officers to do more.

Our officers must also be mentally equipped to serve our growing population. Our first responders are faced with difficult situations on a day-to-day basis, which can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder. Under my administration, I will strive to provide our first responders expanded mental health options.

As we look to equip our officers with the latest technologies, we must also pursue new and innovative rehabilitation methods for those in the system while also finding efficiencies within our detention facilities. To truly make our communities safe, we cannot simply focus on arresting and prosecuting criminals. A number of the individuals in our county detention system will eventually be released back into our community upon evaluation of their record. We must provide modern rehabilitation training for anyone who truly wants to make a positive change in their life. I demonstrated my dedication to finding rehabilitative solutions when I established the Opioid Addiction Task Force to adopt best practices and national standards in partnership with the Miami-Dade Police and Fire Rescue to curtail the opioid epidemic our residents, as well as first responders, are facing.

I will work in concert with the State Legislature to make sure the funds allocated to school safety go towards protecting our students through preventively hardening all schools. I would also like to increase communication between all law enforcement agencies to prevent school shootings. I will work with the Miami-Dade School Board and local law enforcement to provide a practical resource for reporting suspicious activities. I will make sure the School Board is invited to all discussions on legislative priorities, such as school choice and District Cost Differentials. State, County, and School Board officials should be at the table to provide the best and safest education for our students.