Stimulate Small Business

  • Repeal burdensome regulations that negatively impact small businesses.
  • Create rotating satellite permitting services to expedite the permitting process for small businesses throughout the County.
  • Invest in affordable and workforce housing to attract and retain young and talented workers.
  • Support signature events and attractions that will give us a strong and robust economy for businesses and jobs.

Small business entrepreneurs are the backbone of any strong economy. Many times, the best way for a governing body to help stimulate business is to get out of the way. As Mayor of Miami-Dade County, I will remove red tape by repealing burdensome regulations that negatively impact small businesses. In addition to repealing regulations at the County level, I would explore granting temporary approvals to streamline the permitting process by removing layers of bureaucracy.

I have spoken with many business owners during my time on the County Commission and the bottleneck often lies with the local government permitting process. As County Mayor, I will implement a pilot program that will create rotating satellite permitting offices staffed by County employees from the requisite departments. The satellite permitting offices would set up at County owned facilities or parks to assist the business community throughout the County with expediting their permitting issues.

We must retain and attract a talented workforce to have a strong economy and grow our small businesses. The high cost of living in Miami-Dade County pushes our workforce further away from job centers. As Mayor, I will collaborate with the private sector to create programs to best equip the next generation of our County’s workforce. Providing investments and incentives to develop affordable and workforce housing along our transit corridors is also key to maintaining a balanced workforce. Encourage affordable and workforce housing developers to build by providing easier access to incentives and rebate programs. I will also work with the State Legislature to preserve the purpose of the Sadowski (Housing) Trust Fund, which will create additional opportunities to develop affordable and workforce housing. Investing in housing options for our local colleges and universities will also help attract and retain young talented workers to our County. We are blessed in this community to have research universities that attract students from all over the world to study in our backyard. I will continue to pursue affordable housing in the transit corridor adjacent to the North Campus of Miami Dade College. Florida International University also deserves an opportunity to expand its footprint by developing housing onto the Youth Fair Grounds. Through proper investment in our infrastructure, creating the right regulatory environments, and supporting small businesses and startups we can promote a county that everyone wants to work in.

Supporting signature events and attractions that enhance our tourism industry will give us a strong and robust economy. Attracting and keeping existing events in Miami-Dade County is a top priority of mine. These economic engines are job creators and produce tremendous economic opportunities for many of our local small businesses. In the past, I have fought to keep the Miami Open Tennis Tournament, bring Formula 1 Racing to Miami-Dade, and to develop American Dream Miami Mall in Northwest Miami-Dade. I will continue to support events and attractions like these to help grow our economy.