2021 ELECTIONS: GENERAL, November 2 | RUNOFF, November 16

Bovo’s Vision

I am running for Mayor of Hialeah because it is my home and where I have raised my family. Next to my family, Hialeah is the place, community, and people I love most of all.

As a former County Commissioner, I’ve fought for real change, at times being the lone conservative voice. I am proud of spearheading the effort to finally approve term limits for the County Commission and fighting corruption. I worked to reform County Employee Benefits and Retirement to reflect fairness and equity in what taxpayers can afford.

The next Mayor of Hialeah must be committed to moving the city forward with courageous and innovative reforms. At the forefront of every city initiative, proposal, bid, contract, ordinance and project must be transparency and efficiency to protect the taxpayer from unethical practices, waste, and abusive taxes.

COVID-19 has caused so much harm to our community and our quality of life. We all know someone adversely affected by the pandemic. It has also harmed small business and the economy. As your Mayor, I will work to ensure everyone has access to the vaccine and resources are available to help our City recover and prosper. I will support keeping our small businesses open and people employed. I will commit to work in close partnership with our federal and state government leaders to ensure public safety while also encourage schools to return to in-school learning.

I know that this is the correct course for the future of our city to be truly prosperous for its residents. The platform below demonstrates my commitment to conservative and effective governance for families and taxpayers.

Esteban “Steve” Bovo, Jr.


Elected Officials



Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States


Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart


Senator Marco Rubio

State Cabinet & Legislature


Governor Ron DeSantis


Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nuñez

  • State Senator Manny Diaz, Jr. (R), SD-36
  • Representative Alex Rizo (R), HD-110
  • Representative Tom Fabricio (R), HD-103
  • Former Speaker of the Florida House, José Oliva (R), HD-110



Commissioner Rene Garcia, CD-13

  • Commissioner Rebeca Sosa, CD-6
  • Commissioner Jose Pepe Diaz, CD- 12

City of Hialeah Officials

  • Councilman Oscar De la Rosa
  • Councilman Jesus Tundidor
  • Councilman Carl Zogby
  • Councilwoman Monica Perez
  • Former Mayor Julio Robaina
  • Former Council President Vivian Casáls-Muñoz

School Board

  • School Board Member Cristi Fraga, SB-05


  • Fraternal Order of Police (FOP)
  • Hialeah Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF Local 1102)
  • Police Benevolent Association (PBA)

Steve Bovo’s platform to move Hialeah forward.

Fiscal Responsibility & Quality of Life

  • Ensure Hialeah excels at its fundamental responsibilities of proper water management and garbage collection services.
  • Improve funding and programs for our Parks & Recreation Department
  • Oppose and veto any effort that increases property taxes and/or seeks to raise the millage rate.
  • Protect the health and well-being of our aging populations.
    Govern with integrity by keeping the promises made to our residents.

Public Safety

  • Support our police officers to keep our neighborhoods and schools safe.
  • Develop or expand police body cameras practices.
  • Invite Federal, State, City, and School Board officials to the table to provide the best and safest education for our students.

Stimulate Economy & Small Business

  • Repeal burdensome city regulations that negatively impact small businesses.
  • Create rotating satellite permitting services to expedite the permitting process for small businesses throughout the City.
  • Provide incentives to develop the Hialeah Park & Casino property, create jobs, and housing options young families.
Platform Content Image

Bovo’s Proven Record



  • Consistent voting record of cutting taxes in Hialeah, Miami-Dade County, and the State of Florida.


  • Led the effort to place term limits on County Commissioners.
  • Authored and passed legislation that would prohibit the opening of the Cuban Embassy in Miami-Dade County.
  • Authored legislation creating the Cuban Exile museum.


  • Supported use of county police body cameras to protect officers and the public.
  • Opposed all efforts at the county to defund the police department.


  • Authored and passed legislation to bring Uber and Lyft to Miami Dade.
  • Supported the State Legislature’s effort to eliminate and replace MDX.
  • Sponsored county resolution asking the Florida Legislature to eliminate toll roads on 826 (the Palmetto).

2021 ELECTIONS: GENERAL, November 2 | RUNOFF, November 16

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