I am running for Mayor of Miami-Dade County because politics cannot continue to be above the priorities of the taxpayer. Business as usual at county hall can’t continue for Miami-Dade to prosper and our citizens to have the quality of life they deserve. My candidacy is based on conservative principles to protect taxpayer dollars, ensure transparency, fairness, and fiscal responsibility. Make no mistake, my administration will not serve the interests of the extreme liberals that are looking to redefine America and in the process increase Miami-Dade government on the back of its taxpayers.

As a County Commissioner, I have successfully pushed through some reforms but many more are needed. I’ve fought for real change, at times being the lone voice. In the “Accomplishments” section of this site you will see a full list, but I’ll share some highlights here. I am proud of spearheading the effort to finally approve term limits for the county commission and of sounding the alarm on how contracts are awarded at Miami International Airport in a corrupt manner. I worked to reform County Employee Benefits and Retirement to reflect fairness and equity in what taxpayers can afford.



  • Advocated with success for the largest tax cut in Miami-Dade history.
  • Reformed the county pension program to reflect what taxpayers could afford.
  • Led the charge against taxpayer subsidies for stadium construction.


  • Supported a collaborative initiative called “Operation Blue and Brown” to strengthen community and police partnerships.
  • Advocated for the installation of a program titled “Shot Spotter Technology” to assist law enforcement with detecting gun shots in real time.
  • Worked with community organizations to provide support to neighborhoods directly affected by gun violence.


Steve Bovo’s 4×4 Plan to move Miami-Dade forward.
Four priorities, Four years.

The roadmap for Steve Bovo’s first four years as Mayor of Miami-Dade County contains four main priorities with sixteen objectives to move Miami-Dade County forward. The 4×4 Plan follows Steve’s guiding leadership principles of fiscal responsibility, government transparency, and improving public trust of government.


Improve Residents Quality of Life

  • Identify solutions for our existing services and infrastructure before problems arise.
  • Ensure Miami-Dade County excels at its fundamental responsibilities of proper water management and protecting our water resources.
  • Invest in new infrastructure to make our community resilient to sea-level rise.
  • Protect the health and well-being of our aging populations.

Stimulate Small Business

  • Repeal burdensome regulations that negatively impact small businesses.
  • Create rotating satellite permitting services to expedite the permitting process for small businesses throughout the County.
  • Invest in affordable and workforce housing to attract and retain young and talented workers.
  • Support signature events and attractions that will give us a strong and robust economy for businesses and jobs.

Promote Safe Communities

  • Focus our efforts on building bridges between residents and those who are sworn to protect and serve.
  • Support municipalities to develop or expand their police body cameras practices.
  • Research, assess, and implement new crime-fighting technologies to assist law enforcement.
  • Invite Federal, State, County, and School Board officials to the table to provide the best and safest education for our students.

Implement Effective Transportation Initiatives

  • Ensure public dollars generated for transportation infrastructure improvements are utilized towards their intended purpose.
  • Fight against unnecessary toll increases while working to reduce or eliminate tolls.
  • Promote development along the SMART Plan transit corridors and away from the Urban Development Boundary (UDB).
  • Work to properly link the County’s major transportation centers while seeking investment through Public Private Partnerships.



Campaign Resources

2020 ELECTION:Primary Election is August 18th

On the Miami-Dade County Election Website you will find information on voter registration, locations to register, voting options, voting locations, key dates to remember for upcoming elections and much more.

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